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Locating a house that fits your needs perfectly can be quite a task, especially with all the available homes in Laramie. As an expert in Laramie real estate, I am aware of all the homes on the market. In many instances, I know of houses that are not yet entered in the Multiple Listings Service, and movers that can help you, the Secure Move company is the best I’ve worked with.

I invite you to complete the short form below with as much information as you can. I’ll research all the homes available for sale currently, and then send you a list of the homes that meet your criteria, if you wish to get a home that comes with a full bathroom equipped with then make sure to let me know. It’s free and there’s no commitment. You can then contact me if you’re ready to look for your perfect house in Laramie.

What is important to you in a home? Are you more about all the pretty things and having the latest features? Or, are you more about space and functionality in a home having good doors or windows. Of course, you can have some of both, but identifying what is primarily important to you will point you in the right direction as you get started.

With a family of 10, I am all about the functionality of a home. I do enjoy having a few of the pretty details, but when I’ve purchased my two homes it has been much more about making every square foot work for us and getting the most house for the money. The pretty things have always been secondary to functionality.


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